Price guide for pest control Tampa services

pest control Tampa

Do you have a pest problem in Tampa? looking for a pest control tampa service and  you not sure what’s the price you suppose to pay for different pest control services?

Well you come to the right place.


In this short guide we will try and cover the correct price range for pest control tampa services for everything under the pest control umbrella.

Like bed bugs, mice, and other kind of pests that you need a pro to get rid of. gives us a great price guide so when we talk to a pest control sales man we know what to look for and what we can consider an over price range.


The typical one-time cost for pest control is around $300.00 to $550.00. This cost is higher than most listed averages because it is a one-time visit only. In these cases, there is usually a lot of work to be done including assessment of the infestation, finding the lair, and identifying entry points into your home.


The typical initial visit ballparks around $180.00 to $185.00. This cost is for the assessment, finding the nest, and identifying entry points as well as an agreement to periodic visits, usually ensured via contract. Some contracts, such as quarterly contracts, may include a stipulation that if you have a problem between visits, then interim treatments will be provided for free. Be sure to ask about such a situation.


Periodic visits can be monthly, semi-monthly (every two months), or quarterly (every three months).

  • Monthly: Average $40.00 to $45.00

  • Semi-Monthly: Average $50.00 to $60.00

  • Quarterly: Average $100.00 to $300.00

as you can see the price is not something is going to break you wallet, do notice that pest control tampa service is not something you really want to try and save money on as you want your pest control personal to be a real pro and to use the right and safe methods that won’t hurt your family members or your pets.

pest control Tampa

before you make a decision on the right pest control tampa company for your needs , you should check out reviews and look out for the best pest control company for your own specific needs.